The Beautocracy is a movement that propels the PRIMP Network and Marketplace, which invites influencers and our community to be the authors of what they deem as beautiful, fashionable, and stylish. We work with brands to activate influencer programs that not only promote the brand and specific products, but each campaign produces digital assets for merchandising products all along the consumer journey, included product detail pages.

Our purpose with the PRIMP Network and our influencer marketplace + The Beautocracy is to improve the way products are marketed to women by showing real women as the inspiration of what's beautiful, fashionable and stylish. The core ethos of Beautocracy is to detoxify the identification with perfectionism or any semblance of an ideal image, body type, etc. Through online commerce, we invite and celebrate a broader spectrum of women and the things things that make us feel, act, and look beautiful. 

We believe the next generation consumer not only appreciates authenticity, but makes purchase decisions based on how a brand or Company relates to them as a human being. By synthesizing the ideals of the next gen consumer, your brand will not only attract loyalty and customer advocates, but the ripple effect expands into a broader cultural impact. We understand this is a lofty goal. It has been 8+ years in the making. But, seriously, the representation of female leaders in business, Congress, and power positions is evidence of our opportunity. On that note, we invite you - beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands and all womankind to join the Beautocracy.  Together, let's  make a pledge to the encourage equanimity of how we're portrayed in media, advertising, and online merchandising.  

We have the opportunity to inspire a new generation where truth in beauty reigns. Let's start by directing our marketing efforts to invite real women to guide and inspire us to making our next purchase.  


Peace. Love. PRIMP!