Join the Beautocracy- beauty, fashion, and lifestyle by and for the people. Our purpose is to expand the scope of what's marketed to women as beautiful, stylish, and empowering. 

Traditionally we’ve turned to a mix of women’s magazines for inspiration on fashion and culture, but fashion and beauty magazines have long proclaimed themselves as “the authority” on such subjects. We appreciate the editorial, but the imagery is skewed toward a body type, an age, a standard of beauty that represents <1% of the population.

So, if these outlets are “the authority,” then, if we don’t look like that, then we’re not…[fill in the blank sexy, skinny, pretty, worthy, etc.]. That’s not what they are saying, but it’s how many women feel. This implied standard of perfection sends a message to women, "You're not enough, so buy this so you will be."

We're shooting an arrow straight into the heart of the beauty and fashion industry with a love note of radical self-acceptance to women everywhere.

At PRIMP, we're flipping the narrative to say, "You are enough. You've got this. So, share your primpin’ prowess by showing how you adorn your life with care. Tell us how YOU made the blush blush, the dress twirl, the pantsuit walk, the knickers kick, and jumpers jump. You make the clothes and makeup. They don’t make you."

Our vision is to heal humanity by inviting tolerance through the expansion of what is marketed to women as beautiful. Consumers vote every millisecond, and the Beautocracy is on the ballot.

We’ve come a long way in media. The marketplace as a whole is progressively expanding beyond the portrayal of women in ads who are just vacuuming, doing the laundry, serving dinner, stepping on a scale and frowning, or seducing a man. So, now, let’s take the next step and portray real women in different shapes, sizes, colors, ages, etc.

Not only does PRIMP provide a practical application to shop the looks of women who are varying shapes, sizes, etc., but we're on a socially-conscious mission with holistic benefits for the entire marketplace: the brands, the customers, the influencers, and all womankind.

We invite YOU to join us. We create influencer programs that include women of all different shapes, colors, ages, ethnicities, body types- ALL are deemed BEAUTIFUL and worthy of expressing their authentic beauty. Not only is this way of marketing to women full of integrity, it’s full of revenue opportunities.


Let's do this!

CAROLINE VAN SICKLE, Founder &amp; CEO &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; THE BEAUTOCRACY &amp; THE PRIMP NETWORK



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